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Hardware was shit.

VBWL is Nintendo's magnum opus, though, so that alone justifies its existence.

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Man I dont think I'll ever not despise yet continuously be amazed by Nintendo fanboys who still engage in their little circlejerks and echo chamber discussions, they literally have zero integrity as gamers.

I'd love to know how Nintendo made total brain dead loyal nutcases out of so many people but the more I think about it these subhuman shitstains were probably weak to begin with who would've joined any cult who showed them the lowest hanging fruit first.

The N64 was a fucking garbage console, it had no games and bombed globally and you will never rewrite history. Great games are far more important and worth being recognized and celebrated far more than your continued loyalty to Nintendo and such a shit console you sad, pitiful subhuman cockroaches.

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>ITT: babies buttblasted by based Nintendo

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>developers could just change samples and give the melody a totally new feeling that matches each course
SNES is what Genesisn't really

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Adding to the idea
>Make a central hub room that holds you in between challenges and shows your lives, how many challenges you've completed, the timer speed, etc.; could also incorporate something like >>3688486 as a way to randomly select the challenges (or just to look fancy)
>Every five levels speeds the challenge timer up (Speed up!) or makes enemies more difficult, every ten levels is a "boss" (IIRC, in most WW games the speed ups were every four micro-games)
>Can put in a lot of set pieces, mini-maps, single rooms, etc. all around the hub that you teleport to for each challenge
>Running out of time or getting killed costs a life, and you get one back after each boss challenge
>Boss challenges don't have a timer and instead focus on something difficult to overcome; "boxing" with a baron in a ring, solving a switch puzzle while being attacked with no weapons, completing a (short) legitimate level with no health pickups, etc.
>Wario voice clips used all over; laughing when you win, "doh boy" when you die, "good luck", "EXCELLENTé!", "DOH I MISSED!", etc.
>Intermission/rest cutscenes have Doomguy doing various little tasks or animations with some silly text along with it (like dancing Doomguy or Doomguy playing guitar)
I'm merely an ideas guy, but someone, anyone, please take this idea and make something out of it. It's a potential golden boner waiting to happen.

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I've been selling all my pre-gamecube games. As I get older I'd rather just have a flash cart or emulate because retro vidya is expensive and it takes up a lot of room that I just don't have atm.

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Garlic Tier:
VB Wario Land

High Tier:
Wario Land 4
Wario Land II

Mid Tier:
Wario World
Wario Land 3

Low Tier:
Super Mario Land 3
Wario Land: Shake It!

Master of Disguise

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Elder God Tier:
VB Wario Land

High Tier:
Wario Land II
Wario Land 4

Mid Tier:
Wario World
Wario Land 3

Low Tier:
GB Wario Land
Wario Land: Shake It!

Shit Tier:
Wario: Master of Disguise

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