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Quake 1 was different, other than the huge jump from Doom to Quake where it was actually 3d and you can look up or down, Quake had that lovecraftian feel where it was different. Instead of a machine gun people were used to and soon would be OVERFUCKINGWHELMED by in years to come, you had a nailgun and super nail gun. Sure it is same thing but felt/looked different, and had an axe. Then you had the gothic/lovecraft look where you are still a marine, but stuck in a twisted dungeons and dragons thing with castles and magic and monsters, surgically altered soldiers, and laser knights. Then the sounds, the shotgun is the most satisfying sound next to the lasersword from strider. And then, Trent Reznor. As much as I thought Nine Inch nails would suck in a game, Trent's ambiance actually made the game feel better even compared to the expansions (plus the nod to NIN for ammo). The game was unique. Q2, great game and music, but should not be Quake and it just redoes aliens/robots vs Marines.

Would by real quake 2 in a heart beat, but so far that is Quake 3, but the remake/sequel needs Trent Reznor, no exceptions.

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