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I can't believe that there are people here who think that the Ps1 was a better system than hte N64

>be 10
>love everything James Bond
>have a PS1
>The World is not enough comes out
>buy it
>beat it
>cool game w/e bretty good graphics but not amazing
>go over friends house
>he has TWINE on N64
>whatever I bet it's just some gay shit
>play it
>graphics are 100 times better.
>you can kill civillians and get away with it
>more gadgets
>more guns
>tons of fucking guns
>millions of goddamned guns.
>more levels
>bigger levels
>Better than Agent Under Fire one year later
>plat game again
>graphics are still good
>Walther P99 looks fucking amazing.
>reload animations look great

what the fuck gives man?

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