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>Do I need to add more monsters/more locations mid map? You seemed like you were expecting more monsters that didn't show up.
I don't think so. Paranoid style of playing maps is what I got due to recording FDAs for every mapset I play.
>What did you like least about it?
Requirement for very precise diagonal movement to not to drop into lava while going from pillars to central platform is frustrating when going fast but better keep it this way. Webm related is as improvement to the bonus.
>what tools did you use for the run?
Just slowing the game to 1/3rd of game speed and -recordfromto command line parameter, prboom+ is the sourceport.
Also in Chocolate Doom if you stand in Cyberdemon area and look back into BSK location, it's possible to trigger drawsegs overflow which causes HOMs.

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