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>need 100 points for medal on Sector Z
>enemy AI is few in number and incredibly brutal compared to almost every other level here
>this means teammates are absolutely worthless against them so you're constantly saving them
>6 missiles show up, 11 points each
>ignore teammates, they get shot out and you lose your chance at the medal
>save them, they steal your missile kills
>and god help you if you're coming from Zoness

I don't care what anyone says. Sector Z is the worst fucking level. Worse than Aquas. Once I get the medal on it, I avoid it entirely.

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>Arguably the PS1 killed the Dreamcast, not PS2.
>Sega marketing people themselves say that.

Well, no shit. Of course nips would have their own pride so far up their asses they'd resort to blaming the competition for being "too good" rather than admit to their failures.

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By not managing your life in such a shitty way. I have a wife, two kids, and a full-time job (though with my shitty manager's scheduling it may as well be part-time). I still have plenty of time for videogames and shitposting.

You sound like the kind of person who would get absorbed by college and completely forget about their friends and family, honestly.

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