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Was he in the wrong?

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>If someone criticizes Crash, it MUST be a N64 fanboy!

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Yeah I mean what this guy says: >>2405000

When JF gets mentioned it's mostly "oh yeah it was one of the earliest proper 3D platformers", but that's it, you don't see nostalgia PS1 kids talking about it as they do about Spyro or Crash.

JF 1 and 2 were my favorite PS platformers and I still think they're amazing today.

Dat music too.

(this one is totally enka)

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Yes, but a lot of people pretend 1st party Nintendo or Rare games don't count as "good games".

The N64 has a really great catalogue of quality games, and people often tend to forget the amount of multiplayer games N64 had which also made it popular back in the day (sports games, racing games, etc).
The only way you could say the N64 "sucks" is if for some reason you hated Nintendo with a passion and don't want to touch any of their games (I can understand people being fed up with Mario and Zelda, but F-Zero X and Wave Race 64 are amazing arcade titles that even anti-Nintendo people can enjoy).

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In an ideal world, the most famous PlayStation platformer would be JF instead of Crash.

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>the only good games were 1st party

Then you don't know the N64's catalog well enough.

Of course PS1 has more, this is no secret, but N64 has a lot of gems from both 1st and 3rd party, it's just most people will always say SM64 and OOT, just as for PS1 it's always things like MGS and FF7.

There weren't that many 1st party Sony games that people remember. I loved Jumping Flash 1 and 2, they were my first PS1 games, but you barely see people reccommending these, it's always 3rd party. The only 1st party Sony titles most people know about are Gran Turismo.

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