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>try to start Zandronum LAN co-op server through ZDL
>the server starts off well enough, in its own program
>when I change ZDL to "joining," and hit start, it just starts up its own game
>putting the IP address or the host name in that box doesn't change anything
>try to "join server" through the zandronum server gui
>"you don't have that wad"
>no way to add that wad to me joining the server
>try to join the server in game by going to multiplayer and browsing servers
>"showing 0 servers" no matter what I do
>click "help, my server isn't showing!"
>it's a web link to "port forwarding"
>I do all that and it changes nothing

why does it have to be so fucking difficult? THIS is why there are console fags.

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