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I played this when I was a kid. From what I can remember, it was surprisingly good.

Daiktana for the GBC is another underrated Zelda-like too.

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Daikata for the GBC is great. Honestly one of my most underrated games

It's kind of like Zelda in the future with both swords and guns

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Daikatana on GBC is actually a surprisingly good Zelda like game.

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I actually played the gameboy version of Daikatana recently.It's a great LOZ/startropics type of game, but its really short (I beat it in 3 hours on my first playthrough). Problem is it was only released in Europe, and its a bit expensive, so if you're from the US I doubt you can get your hands on a digital copy for a reasonable price.

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Games that are better on portable devices general?

Getting the obvious one out of the way.

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The Game Boy version is actually fun because it's completely different. It's a top down action RPG. I believe it was all Kemco's baby and Ion Storm didn't really touch it. It isn't extraordinary, but it certainly doesn't deserve the name Daikatana and it could have been fondly remembered by people if it was just called something else.

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crap, I posted this in the wrong board, but anyway

Daikatana in the GameBoy color is a surprisingly decent game. Any other ports better than the original?

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yeah daitakan on gameboy was actully a good jrpg style game

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