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>and yet it has been unanimously concluded that most games on the unit were shitty FMV games that exploited a cheap gimmick

Except that's not true. Most games weren't the shitty FMV ones, and they weren't the reason the console didn't sell well. That was all price and that it was an add-on for what was a second choice console for most people.

I was the only person I knew back then who actually bought one. Well worth it for the Lunars, Flink, Dark Wizard, Vay, Popful Mail, Shining Force, Ecco CD and Wing Commander.

Sewer Shark was a shitty pack that was a selling feature for no one.

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my nigga(s), thank you

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Hey let's talk about one of the most inconsistent add-ons ever, the Sega CD. We got some of the shittiest piles of FMV garbage ever to masquerade as games like Sewer Shark, Fahrenheit and Corpse Killer.

But on the other hand we got some of the best RPGs of the era like the Lunar games, Dark Wizard, Popful Mail, Shining Force CD and Vay. As well as some seriously beefed up ports such as Ecco the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Mickey Mania and Final Fight. Or The Misadventures of Flink that had a regular Genesis version but it was horribly edited down.

What a bizarre system this was! Post your thoughts, your memories. Your favorites and those games you regretted ever playing. I wasted far too much time beating Sewer Shark. I even had myself convinced it wasn't utter shit for a period of time

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