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Also add how things went with the installments:

-Force Awakens/New Order:Promising restart for the series,estabilishes some new stuff but still familiar,well done with some mixed opinions.(New Order is actually great though).

-Rogue One/Old Blood:Prequel,a solid installment that brings some fan favourite content.RTCW and Tarkin/Vader.

-New Colossus/Last Jedi:a mess in terms of tones,doesn't feel like it belongs in the same series.
Villain shown in the previous installment dies in a anticlimactic way. Interest dies as well for the series.

-Youngblood/Solo:useless piece that no one asked for.

The difference is that Wolfenstein 3 will not happen given how bad this series went.Add the new characters who are completely wasted like Finn and Sigrun.
Both come from the villain side but do nothing important whatsoever.

At this point I don't even want Doom and Wolfenstein to be connected anymore.

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