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>You claimed, right here
I'm not seeing any claims about a small group of people on the internet in that post. Read it again more carefully, my illiterate American anon.
>We are obviously talking about platformers in here.
Super Mario 64 is better than every modern platformer.
>They are easier for the sole reason of being more polished and intuitive
Yes, their lack of depth and nuance makes it more intuitive for stupid people. That was the point I made. They aren't more polished, though, obviously.
>it's no longer a project to get the camera to cooperate with you
It never was. I mastered the camera very easily, I struggle to think about how stupid you must be to not be able to.
> it's no longer an endless ice level because Mario has real friction now.
You can start moving at near top speed from a total standstill in 1 frame using longjumps, single jump-dives, or slidekicks. Being too stupid to understand how to move Mario doesn't really say anything about its quality as a video game.
>The mere fact that they had to make the camera a "feature" in the game with some lore around a cloudperson following you just tells you that it's bad
None of this is a meaningful criticism, of course. Cameras are literally features in all games that feature them, and the fact that a character operates the camera has fuck all to do with anything.
>It did though, games look and play better than anything on Clunky 64.
No, that isn't correct.

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>he fixed camera angle increments
this actually isn't the case most of the time.

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If you struggle to use the camera or movement in SM64 you literally are a trashcan at the game. Everything in the game works with perfect consistency.

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>None of that was momentum-based outside of maybe the part where he jumps on the waterbug.
Except you need maximum speed to even be able to make it onto the middle platform in the first place. Your jump height (and thus, jump dive height) in SM64 increases based on your momentum.

Also the first frame wallkicks near the end carry your momentum into the opposite direction, as opposed to 2nd and 3rd frame wallkicks which slow you down.
>that part where he jumps off the fence into the water switch is exploiting a physics bug
No it's not. Nintendo made the top of fences flat surfaces, and they obviously intended to let you jump dive off flat surfaces. That's all there is to it. The game has plenty of glitches, but that's not one of them.
>64 isn't designed around balancing momentum
The whole game and levels work symbiotically with Marios movement and momentum mechanics. Whether this was intended by devs or not doesn't matter. We're talking about the game they made, not the game they wanted to make.

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They're only as boring as you are, my man.

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>quality over quantity
I agree.

SM64 has dozens of quality movement options. SMB1 has one quality movement option.

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