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PCs hardly even had anything comparable to Smash Brothers, Marvel vs. Capcom or Kingdom Hearts.

There was this mod for Quake 2 ... "Generations". It allowed you to play in addition to the Q2 marine, as the Doom marine, Quake 1 soldier and B.J.Blazkowicz. It brought in a big pile of stuff, the biggest unsurprisingly being a straight port of the Q1 shareware episode along with all the guns, recreations of the Doom weaponry and a handful of levels, IIRC all from Knee Deep in the Dead(though there was also a recreation of Dead Simple floating that was being used, often on Lithium Q2 servers) and the weapons from the Jaguar version of Wolf3d (a rocket launcher and a flamethrower added).

But then id software went like cease&desist. The creator of generations admitted he was getting bizarrely hubristic about this and failed to cough up any ideas on how to keep the mod going with the IP infringement promptly cut down.

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