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I think the key word here is novel. Visual novel = comic books. Pictures and words and pages on a screen. Even if there were animations it wouldnt be a game. There is an overlap IF you are reading a choose your own adventure visual novel. That would be like an extremely rudimentary graphic adventure.

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I guess post malone is the most successful musician ever, by that logic. Tetris is by all means a groundbreaking and succesful game, but its importance in video game history ( which i believe is the point of this thread) is not as large as pong, space invaders, pac man, dk, asteroids etc... you think sales mattered at a time when home consoles were not mainstream, instead we actually rode our bikes down to the arcade or laundry mat, where ever the games were. And we played games that way. Tetris wasnt around at the time to make as a significant impact as the others listed.

Let me put it this way, no donkey kong, no sm64!

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