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Does anyone else prefer extremely slow-paced, relaxed maps? MAP01 of Epic 2 is a perfect example. Peaceful MIDI music as you explore an Egyptian tomb. You spend a few minutes solving puzzles before you fight your first enemy.

Honestly I would really enjoy if someone made a wad that was just 32 levels of the aforesaid MAP01 - serene MIDI music, few or no enemies, maybe some puzzle solving, but mainly an environment oozing with atmosphere for me to explore. I'd even enjoy walking around a level without any enemies or even puzzles, as long as it was pretty enough. I'd disable crosshair, r_drawplayersprites, and the HUD, and just admire the pixellated textures and geometry.

Anyone relate?

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Got to a Novice mapping level half a year ago and fell off the track. Hoping to get back into shape by participating in JoM5. I'm going through tutorials again to get ready, it starts Dec 1st.

Anyone else going to join in?

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