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I think pixel graphics games can age better depending on how they're done.

3d graphics has an instant means of comparison to later generation 3d, especially if it's trying to be realistic.

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I only ever played CoD 1 but I liked it, I can see why Infinity Ward were so desperate to bring the game into a modern setting and they had to argue very hard for that because publishers wanted to stick with WW2.
You had talented guys who were just bored to tears with being asked to feed Nazi shooters to brainlets and surprise surprise the modern warfare era was a smash hit because whether the market knew it or not, there was a huge demand for something new.

Because as the other guy said, they're creatively bankrupt. There were shitloads of terrible mobs in history but because as creators we have to cater to the largest market, which sadly is also the most historically ignorant market....the American market.

Their knowledge of history is entirely this:
>ancient times, swords n' shields
>leonardo davinci, funny hats
>slavery happened
>cold war
>i think I remember bill clinton on tv
>obama president

What about Imperial Japanese, Soviet Union, Khemer Rogue or even something entirely fictional. No, no....let's go with Nazis for the millionth time or idiots run away and can't relate to it.

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>wooden starbase

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Describe a /comfy/ doom experience.

>playing through Alien Vendetta
>using Samsara (duke)
>get up to go pee
>come back and getting into chair
>Duke: "...You're pissing me off".
>Replying on reflex: "we've been here for like, 6 hours, wtf I had to pee"
>realize I'm talking to nobody

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