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9 used to be my favorite but I later decided 10 was. It's too solid and polished overall and I love Blitzball. It's aged very well and it doesn't surprise me that they went for an HD remake. I have no idea why everyone here hates it and thinks it's when things turned bad. For me, 10-2 or 12 were the turning point. This is getting out of retro territory but 10-2 was very clearly a terrible idea that just happened to have great gameplay saving it by accident. 12 felt like an offline MMO which was disappointing because I actually played real MMOs back then and 11 had enough problems even online.

I've played 6 through 12 and tried 13 for an hour or two, which wasn't enough for me to really judge it. Haven't bothered to go further mainly because I'm lazy and just haven't felt like it. Same with playing the older ones before 6.

She's also the best girl.

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