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Should be? I'm sure it's fine and its just a weird bug, fly up there or something

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>need high-end GPU with raytracing to play up-to-date version of Quake 2
>need expensive monitor with adaptive sync to play Shadow Warrior remaster without choppiness and screen tearing
>all the good games made this year use old ass engines/sourceports/imitate retro look
How the fuck did I end up in this retrofuturistic timeline.

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I require a bit of assistance. I had recently invested in an old computer from the late 90's so I could play games from that era as well as some games from the early 2000's. It was a bit of a bumpy ride at first but things seem aight so far.

I installed Quake 2 recently. I did the Maximum install (400mb). For some reason the music is not playing and I do not know why. I installed it correctly and the CD is in the CD drive, also the CD music option is turned on in the options menu.

Computer Stats:
IBM Aptiva E series 585
Windows 98
Direct X 7
Intel Pentium III (500MHz)
256mb of RAM
Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 (32mb memory)
Sound Blaster Audigy

Also, I don't know if this was common back then but this computer came with both a DVD Drive and a CD Drive. I have tried putting the Quake II CD in both drives but I got the same result.

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These make me realize how incoherent is Halo gameplay with Lore and cutscenes.
Master Chief sure fought against eldritch abominations but overall he's so limited compared to Doomguy, Quake Ranger, Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Caleb, Marathon Officer, Corvus, Lo Wang, Gordon Freeman. And YET he's supposed to be stronger than all of them according to his games.
MC can't even touch water, while Ranger with invincibility power up can swim in fucking lava.

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>Quake zombies get back up after you shoot them
>Remember the wise words of Ash Williams "He's not dead its a trick, get an axe"
>The axe doesn't kill them either so you have to use explosives
Missed opportunity if you ask me

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>I'll be honest, the copy I have may or may not be pirated
Do you think we all bought it? Why do you people always make things so fucking difficult for yourself when trying to play Quake when you have no problem dragging and dropping wads into the Doom port of your choice?

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>too many UNFs

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I can only manage to find word-to-screen related stuff :(
It's in the actor markers, not the rotating reticle right?

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>chex quest doom edition

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Nowhere in the thread does it say the TCP thing. If you had clicked the link, you would've read what it actually said: The Romero Project, or Doom the Way Romero Did.

Why do you have to make things up to get people riled up?

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damn which map is that? it looks amazing.

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Anyone ever use LegenDoom with RLA Monsters together and know a way to make the chainsaw and super shotty sprites stop freaking out?

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>mfw retarded
I mean dosbox.exe; been awake for a long time.

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>judging gameplay from what is essentially a proof of concept image made to just look cool

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Are there any custom levels or level packs that are considered must plays for Duke3D?

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who is this addressed to?

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I belive it's rathuuhr plausible.

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Anyone know of some good episodic Quake map packs? I feel like playing something with a bit of progression to it today.

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I use this board as a recommendation on what games I should be playing. I rarley go on the crt or collector threads but honestly I only got into collecting physical n64 shit once. I can see a huge problem for storing these games, and even old hardware.
I honestly would love to make a cheap old linux wine build for my old school pc gaming wants, but that's about it in terms of getting physical hardware.

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Which is supposed to be the UV difficulty of Golden Souls 2? Galactic Veteran or Starman?

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HUH?! its in the options

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