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If someone was going to pay you to make maps in Doom Builder, how much would you charge?

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>Not Quake related

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The idea of trying myself at Quake modding was floating in my mind for quite some time now and I'm wondering how hard/impossible it would be to do the following as a "vanilla mod/mission pack":
>Create vanilla style maps for an episode.
>Add some weapons from OG mission packs + change/add behaviour of vanilla ones.
>Implement a new ammo that would be used in collaboration with typical ones via alt-attack (with a couple of "exceptions").
>Assign that function to Runes. Maybe even have Hexen 2-like menu to select them, but that might be too complicated.
>Deactive the ability to use these alt-attack when you activated power-ups (Biosuit is an exception).
>Implement a few new enemies to vanilla roster.

I fully understand that this sounds too ambitious from someone with no real prior experience of modding, coding, you name it. So that's mostly to satisfy my curiousity as, again, this topic interested me for a while now and I really doubt I would do much here because I'm too much of a indecisive coward. That's just one of my issues... I mean, I sit in this thread everyday. lol

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So this morning I realized Quake 1 doesn't actually have an ambient lava sound.
>working on map with lots of lava
>wow this is oddly silent, wtf?
>change textures to water and slime, both play ambience fine so long as vis allows it
>back to lava, nothing
>load up an id1 map, nothing
>think maybe it's an engine problem, load up Winquake on E1M8 and turn off music
>still nothing
>compiler has a specific 'no lava ambience' function, all texture creation guides online mention sky, water, slime, and lava having ambience associated with those textures
>poke around further
>apparently the engine supports it, the game just... doesn't have an actual sound file for lava ambience, so it just plays silence
And it was always like this, and somehow I'd been tricked into thinking there was some sort of crispy bubbling sound that went with it normally when there wasn't and never was. What the fuck?

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fov "110"
r_particles "2"
//fog "0.02" "0.8" "0.6" "0.4"
gl_texturemode "3"
crosshair "1"
r_wateralpha "0.4"
r_slimealpha "0.8"
r_lavaalpha "1"
r_telealpha "0.6"
v_idlescale "0.5"
r_viewmodel_quake "1"
gl_flashblend "0" //to disable light globes around the light sources
gl_overbright 1
gl_overbright_models 1
v_gunkick 2
r_lerpmove 1
r_lerpmodels 2
r_scale 1
//scr_clock 1

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Crash and Doomguy get it on with lots of abdominal clenching, and then Crash takes the fucking helmet off four pages in.

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>Demons got his rabbit, demons are going to pay
Daisy never seemed to matter much prior to the new Doom reboot outside of the screen in Doom and screen with accompanying text scrawl in Ultimate.

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Did you specifically search for Dwars on e6 or something? I can't think of another way you could have found that image besides casually browsing the tf tag

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kiss psycho circus but it's actually an acdc album
which one?

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>no, that looks aggressive, fitting for the setting.
On what fucking planet does stopping to shoot look more aggressive than continual shooting?
>do you play all maps with Nehahra by chance? maybe you should.
Loading id1 maps into Nehahra? Is that doable?

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>Quake is a man's ass. A little more difficult to get into, but not unfeasible for the average person.

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>the 1st SP game was a mumbo jumbo garbage
>but then you zoomer niggers love to rewrite history for your own depraved designs
What did he mean by any of this? Mumbo jumbo? Rewrite what history? Are you trying to say things cannot be appreciated properly years after?

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Should be? I'm sure it's fine and its just a weird bug, fly up there or something

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>need high-end GPU with raytracing to play up-to-date version of Quake 2
>need expensive monitor with adaptive sync to play Shadow Warrior remaster without choppiness and screen tearing
>all the good games made this year use old ass engines/sourceports/imitate retro look
How the fuck did I end up in this retrofuturistic timeline.

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I require a bit of assistance. I had recently invested in an old computer from the late 90's so I could play games from that era as well as some games from the early 2000's. It was a bit of a bumpy ride at first but things seem aight so far.

I installed Quake 2 recently. I did the Maximum install (400mb). For some reason the music is not playing and I do not know why. I installed it correctly and the CD is in the CD drive, also the CD music option is turned on in the options menu.

Computer Stats:
IBM Aptiva E series 585
Windows 98
Direct X 7
Intel Pentium III (500MHz)
256mb of RAM
Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 (32mb memory)
Sound Blaster Audigy

Also, I don't know if this was common back then but this computer came with both a DVD Drive and a CD Drive. I have tried putting the Quake II CD in both drives but I got the same result.

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These make me realize how incoherent is Halo gameplay with Lore and cutscenes.
Master Chief sure fought against eldritch abominations but overall he's so limited compared to Doomguy, Quake Ranger, Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Caleb, Marathon Officer, Corvus, Lo Wang, Gordon Freeman. And YET he's supposed to be stronger than all of them according to his games.
MC can't even touch water, while Ranger with invincibility power up can swim in fucking lava.

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>Quake zombies get back up after you shoot them
>Remember the wise words of Ash Williams "He's not dead its a trick, get an axe"
>The axe doesn't kill them either so you have to use explosives
Missed opportunity if you ask me

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>I'll be honest, the copy I have may or may not be pirated
Do you think we all bought it? Why do you people always make things so fucking difficult for yourself when trying to play Quake when you have no problem dragging and dropping wads into the Doom port of your choice?

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>too many UNFs

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I can only manage to find word-to-screen related stuff :(
It's in the actor markers, not the rotating reticle right?

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>chex quest doom edition

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Nowhere in the thread does it say the TCP thing. If you had clicked the link, you would've read what it actually said: The Romero Project, or Doom the Way Romero Did.

Why do you have to make things up to get people riled up?

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damn which map is that? it looks amazing.

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