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Not that guy, but these weapons are way too strong, the katana swings at lightspeed and does enough damage to two-shot a pinky, I can chew up everything short of a cyberdemon damn near effortlessly with the katana alone. Alone the swing that goes from the bottom of the screen to the top on the left side looks really bad. I'm also noticing a lot of redundancy in the arsenal: You have 7 hitscan weapons. Three of which are fully automatic, one is a semi-auto shotty you can mash the button and fire at a pretty damn fast pace.

I also question the need for the hi tech helmet visor HUD if the character is gonna be a jacket wearing dude

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Are you me?
Just finished Scourge of Armagon and I really liked how SoA combines the "techbase" grunts and dogs etc into the levels with ogres, knights etc and vice versa.

I feel like I would've loved a "Quake 2" in the style of Scourge of Armagon's first episode with a few more creatures like Armagon itself, horror creatures combining flesh and metal, and the evil techbase grunts with the flesh eating chainsaw ogres etc.

I was afraid that Quake was going to disappoint me and that I had nostalgia goggles on but Quake was even better than I originally remembered it.

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>frw = fte

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what's the purpose of the ring of shadows on e1m3?

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>Have Ion Fury posts been getting deleted, too?
I think so? But maybe I misremember this one.
>Things like Dusk or Hrot aren't.
Yeah, nowadays. Previously people had no problems with those unless someone initiated autistic crying about "muh, not retro", but now it seemingly got more strict for whatever reason. Might as well just go all in at this point and no allow any game "released no later than December 2007". Or wait for when things go "back to normal", I don't know.

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...that's some next level autism. Don't know how I triggered it, but I guess there's actually something to this dumb idea with this kind of reaction... Probably not, it's just dumb.

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Perhaps it's just me paying more attention to it as I was never big on modding/porting, but isn't it getting some kind of resurgence lately across various classic games? I'm not just talking about some goodness like Violent Rumble. Like, Orcs & Humans and Ocarina of Time's reverse engineering, source port for Catacombs, Warcraft 2 got a proper widescreen patch, Quake 2 weapons for original Quake...
Again, that's probably be being clueless all this time, but I wanna know for sure.

"Unity ports" nowadays are a perfect starting point for new players, that's basically it. Like >>8507564 said.
>now would also be a good time for any anons to suggest new or more updated infographics to put up in there.
Update Quake infographic and maybe look into making one for Wolfenstein 3D? Not sure if there's much going on for it in terms of community stuff, but the game is getting 30 years old this year and I'm sure it will spark some interest from people. At least I know I would as I haven't even finished shareware version a few years back since I played through DOSBox.
Even know I'm not really a fan of Quake 2, but seeing some talks here about how much content for it was lost, maybe someone should consider covering that as well.

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What does that have to do with my post? Also, pretty much no one uses Doomslayer to refer to the character outside of 2016 and Eternal. While they are technically the same guy, Doomguy and Doomslayer are different depictions of the same guy. But I guess I'm just being autistic about semantics.

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These are the programs I need to start modding Quake, right?
>Notepad++ for actual codding/modding the game.
>Trenchbroom for making some shitty maps.
>ericw-tools and Necros' Compiling GUI to compile that shit.
>TexMex and Wally for dealing with WAD files.
>PakScape for working with PAK files.
>WinQuake or other source port for playtesting.

I've already asked similar question before here some time ago, but my sorry ass haven't done much since then. This is annoying as I really wanna get to work at least to see how much I would be able to do before giving up. What am I missing for the creation of a mission pack? Last time one anon suggested older version of Blender for making models, but I wonder if there's something like Wally (just an old program that should work well enough) out there.

Also, are there any limit differences between Quake and Hexen 2 in terms of map sizes and stuff like that? I would've asked similar question for OG Mission Packs, but that would be even more dumb. And how they compare to Quake 2 and Daikatana?

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Is there a way to disable retarded screen shake in Dissolution of Eternity? This shit is infuriating. I though it would be one time gimmick but then ANOTHER FUCKING MINES LEVEL.

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Reposting anon's question regarding QuakeCon that kicks off today with my response to it.
What are your expectation when it comes to Quake today?

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Playing Scourge of Armagon and have just completed the first episode. I've noticed the centroid enemies seem to move very quickly/erratically to the point it looks quite glitchy. Is this normal? I'm playing with quakespasm 0.93.2 so i wouldn't have expected compatibility issues.

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I have some random stupid questions:
Does anyone here used Aseprite? I wonder how good it would be for a newbie since that program does look pretty great. Wanted to start out with pixel art for a while now + curious how it can be used for Quake modding and other related to the thread games (if that matters).
What would I need besides Trenchbroom for Quake business? I should probably rewatch some Dumptruck_DS tutorials on the subject, but might as well just ask here since Violent Rumble is still in-development. Most likely Notepad++ is a must, I guess... Modding this game really isn't as bad/hard as it seems, right?
Don't want to get too ambitions in terms of scale, but... Does Blender runs on potato laptops? I feel like I wouldn't make it work on my old friend, so curious about potential alternatives in terms of making custom models.
Wolfenstein 3D must have something going for it in terms of total conversions and stuff... right?

>Should we extend the deadline?
Probably, yeah. I think one month would be a good guess, but we'll see what others are going to vote. Taking all the time you need to deliver a decent project is better than to just rush it in the name of deadline... in this case, at least.
>I'm also going to layout my plan for finalizing the project and you can tell me how retarded it is
Sounds about right, I think. Although I would've probably settle on just one site for initial release overall since I'm a lazy piece of shit (itch kind of grew on me after seeing Kegan's mod pages and 25th Anniversary Weapon Pack on there). Also, if you're considering co-op testing... What about Deathmatch? Capture the Flag? Anything else in between?

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So is Zandronum still the only decent port for Doom multiplayer stuff? Is it even possible to do multiplayer with GZDoom?

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If someone was going to pay you to make maps in Doom Builder, how much would you charge?

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>Not Quake related

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The idea of trying myself at Quake modding was floating in my mind for quite some time now and I'm wondering how hard/impossible it would be to do the following as a "vanilla mod/mission pack":
>Create vanilla style maps for an episode.
>Add some weapons from OG mission packs + change/add behaviour of vanilla ones.
>Implement a new ammo that would be used in collaboration with typical ones via alt-attack (with a couple of "exceptions").
>Assign that function to Runes. Maybe even have Hexen 2-like menu to select them, but that might be too complicated.
>Deactive the ability to use these alt-attack when you activated power-ups (Biosuit is an exception).
>Implement a few new enemies to vanilla roster.

I fully understand that this sounds too ambitious from someone with no real prior experience of modding, coding, you name it. So that's mostly to satisfy my curiousity as, again, this topic interested me for a while now and I really doubt I would do much here because I'm too much of a indecisive coward. That's just one of my issues... I mean, I sit in this thread everyday. lol

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So this morning I realized Quake 1 doesn't actually have an ambient lava sound.
>working on map with lots of lava
>wow this is oddly silent, wtf?
>change textures to water and slime, both play ambience fine so long as vis allows it
>back to lava, nothing
>load up an id1 map, nothing
>think maybe it's an engine problem, load up Winquake on E1M8 and turn off music
>still nothing
>compiler has a specific 'no lava ambience' function, all texture creation guides online mention sky, water, slime, and lava having ambience associated with those textures
>poke around further
>apparently the engine supports it, the game just... doesn't have an actual sound file for lava ambience, so it just plays silence
And it was always like this, and somehow I'd been tricked into thinking there was some sort of crispy bubbling sound that went with it normally when there wasn't and never was. What the fuck?

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fov "110"
r_particles "2"
//fog "0.02" "0.8" "0.6" "0.4"
gl_texturemode "3"
crosshair "1"
r_wateralpha "0.4"
r_slimealpha "0.8"
r_lavaalpha "1"
r_telealpha "0.6"
v_idlescale "0.5"
r_viewmodel_quake "1"
gl_flashblend "0" //to disable light globes around the light sources
gl_overbright 1
gl_overbright_models 1
v_gunkick 2
r_lerpmove 1
r_lerpmodels 2
r_scale 1
//scr_clock 1

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Crash and Doomguy get it on with lots of abdominal clenching, and then Crash takes the fucking helmet off four pages in.

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>Demons got his rabbit, demons are going to pay
Daisy never seemed to matter much prior to the new Doom reboot outside of the screen in Doom and screen with accompanying text scrawl in Ultimate.

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Did you specifically search for Dwars on e6 or something? I can't think of another way you could have found that image besides casually browsing the tf tag

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kiss psycho circus but it's actually an acdc album
which one?

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