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It catered to the competitive crowd by frontloading all their content into multiplayer components. Back in the arcade days, this was a viable strategy as every play netted Sega a return. However, in the console era, it backfired on Sega. The vast majority of fighting game consumers now consist of those who fire it up for a few minutes a week, and then don't touch it again for quite some time. In the console market, catering to the so-called professionals is not a profitable strategy, even if they do play the most actual hours of the game, they net less copies than the casual market. This is the importance of single player campaign in post-5th gen era. These games had no allure for the single player, once the casuals have gone through the arcade, they would consider the game beaten and done, which devalues the game.
Sega made the mistake then what Capcom is going through right now: they survey their most vocal consumers, the pro and their posse, whom are actually not profitable to market for.

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