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I bought System Shock: Enhanced from steam on last summer sale, and I've been enjoying it a lot. I have never played it before and I had only played SS2 on coop before, so it was a fresh experience to me.

I like how it's kind of like dungeon crawler, but also a doom clone, and point'n'click adventure all at the same time. Some call it survival horror, but to me it's more like just a crazy adventure game.

So far I like this more than System Shock 2. The graphics are more comfier, I like the music better, the sprites don't look as outdated as SS2 low-poly models, and the overall cheesy 90s atmosphere just makes it one heck of a game. Still haven't finished it, I'm about 8 hours in, but I'm not rushing it because I want to savor every single little detail.

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