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I'm not going to deny that using voice chat ingame has the ability to distract everyone, and that's for the exact reason I brought up. Any mention of a female enjoying a male-centric hobby is going to be met with lots of attention. You'd know that had you bothered reading what I was posting instead of jumping to conclusions and painting me in a bad light. Case in point:

>It's not women who ruin game communities

When did I ever say that? You're the bigot casting shade here, not me.

Moving on, if you applied that logic to what I was actually talking about, you'd realise how none of that issue applies to being on an imageboard. Moreover, voice chat isn't in any retro game I could think of save for Alien Front Online, so you're clearly just bringing up an unrelated problem and painting me as a misogynist because of it. You don't even know me or how I act online. I could be female for all you know.

Put it this way: there are women that are gamers, and there are gamers that are women. That distinction is entirely what my argument hinges on, I don't care what chromosomes you have so long as you're contributing (and keeping your personal life out of it).

>People who actually have or had things going on in their lives generally mention or allude to those things in conversations, regardless of topic.

Yes, a "brown poster", as it were. There's no reason to bring that stuff up as it's not related to the topic at hand; if you're mentioning those kind of things unwarranted, you should consider rewording your post so you're staying on topic and not risking a derailment. Ignoring this sentiment is ignorant of the userbase and disrespectful towards the original poster, assuming their thread topic hasn't already been answered.

Your stance on how a topic doesn't need to be followed underlines your lack of understanding of why this place exists in the first place. We're not here to talk about our lives. If anything, we're here to get away from them.

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