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He's talking about single player. If you've lost 17 fucking accounts to forgetfulness, I'd suggest perhaps you find a different game. Something simpler. I hear blizzard is making a mobile diablo, sounds right up your alley.

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>you can rename plugy pages
lmao wut. How? is that from a newer version or something?

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>owning a switch

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based schizo poster

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Imagine a genre being so devoid of replay value that you have to headcannon your own challenges for creplaying it.


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>being this angry


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N64 had like 20 decent games due to Nintendo's hostility to third party developers. They need to take what they can get to fluff up their library.

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I never had a Nintendo 64 because my parents loved me and cared for my well being and got me a PSX instead, but I just watched some gameplay footage of this on Youtube and holy dogshit Private Pyle that is BAD

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There were some functional problems with the movement and aiming AI for the monsters. The ogres are a prime example since they had no pitch adjustment to their aiming.

But the fiends also had problems with their leaping attacks, leaping constantly up stairs but not gaining any elevation, or leaping clear off a ledge. Or sometimes freezing in midair.

Mudpuppies had another problem with their movement, they would recoil after hitting something but their facing angle wouldn't change.

I wouldnt say its a bad thing per-se but some of the monsters were alot tougher than they otherwise seemed. For example the death knights really didnt look like they had 250hp, especially with the standard knight only had 50 and this guy only looked maybe 2-3x as tough.

gameplay wise there's also no reason that ogre grenades should be doing 20ish damage each when he gives the same ammo the player uses to cause 100+
> ogre grenades should have a splash radius of 100 and should do full damage to enemies, even if the player only takes a fraction of it in the end

No reason the shambler should take half damage from grenade ammunition either. If anything he should take half damage from lightning because he shoots lightning. Probably would have been more reasonable to give it more health instead with a higher pain chance, its tough but usually people quad them anyway.

>art direction
you mean fairly realistic coloring
I personally loved the slate blues of this game, reminded me of all sorts of medieval shit.

I had no problem with the art of this fully 3d 1996 game. Maybe some of the brush mapping, but oh look its 2017, we're all jaded now by hyperdetailed fanmade maps.

Listen you sob
I was ready for a Quake 1 remake when Quake 3 came out. I wanted basically Quake 4 but with quake 3 level graphics and details.

It would have flown into the sunset in 1999, multiplayer would have been just as awesome. You cant dispute this.

But this isnt about quake3

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draw a squiggley line
like as with other rooms, those should have details given at the time of creation

if you wanna put monsters in it, draw a Dot or Circle in the general area you wanna put it, you can remember later what it is you wanted to put there


phoenix rod with tome is bullshit, leave it alone, cant control where the flames go - does damage faster when it isnt tome'd
> and got so much fucking ammo for it that I cant ever use it all because its a slow dangerous weapon

Phoenix is a crowd control weapon, use the explosive damage for what its good for - killing lots of critters or destroying someone on a perch. Same role as in doom, dont use it for anything else, except maybe liches.

Tome is crazy with anything else - even the gold wand on tome beats the phoenix since the ammo is always maxed because its a pistol.
> put those quartz geodes to work with doom shotgun level damage on rapid fire, stunlock maybe? its satisfying to see this cheap ammo destroy tougher monsters

Firemace on tome shoots these giant ass cannonballs that're hard to aim but they do fuckton damage. I dont even know how much (?200) but just one or two hits is enough to take out a wizard. Its potentially threatening territory for a minotaur.
> it really is surprising the difference between its normal and tome mode

Only weapon thats sorta lackluster for tome is the crossbow. It does alot more damage but compared to the cheap damage from the goldwand and vampgloving people id take those instead.

My dragon claw orbs are usually low most of the time since thats what I lay on heavy. Hellstaff is also excellent for taking out liches on tome, its got alot of ammo but the hellstaff is annoying and slow at killing things normally.

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