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Even the stuff they did in the 80s was a knee-jerk reaction to other companies

The SC-3000 was made as a response to the MSX and PC-8801 and the SG-1000 could be seen as a response to early pre-Famicom consoles like the Cassette Vision.

When the Famicom started taking off, they redesigned the SG-1000 to make it more Famicom-like (to the point that they replaced the original VCS-like joystick with joypads) and when that wasn't enough, they made a more powerful model called the Mark III.

And when Nintendo released the Famicom as the NES in the U.S., they followed suit by turning the Mark III into the Master System.

And of course, the Mega Drive mostly existed because the PC Engine started blowing the Famicom and Mark III out of the water. The only reason they got lucky with the Genesis was because NEC's U.S. subsidiary was so inept at marketing the TurboGrafx-16.

Even the games they made were made as responses to other companies' titles. Alex Kidd was Sega's answer to Super Mario, to the point that even the JP boxarts for both games look similar and Sega only picked up the rights to Double Dragon and R-Type for the SMS just so they could one-up the competing versions on NES and PCE respectively .

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Sega (and NEC) pulled the same shit when Nintendo made their joypad.

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It was the SG-1000 actually. The SC-3000 was just a keyboard-equipped SG-1000.

Anyways, all the Sega consoles prior to the Mega Drive had the pause button on the console, as did most pre-NES consoles. The Sega Mark III, if I'm not mistaken, was basically treated an enhanced SG-1000 II capable of playing exclusive games, hence why it still had pause on the console.

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So what if the Pi-1 is a bit more performance limited?

The only reason I wanted to set one up for games is to use an old NES controller through the GPIO pins! There's not too many 2 button games that are all that hardware heavy, maybe some newer arcade roms, but it's older arcade titles that I haven't yet tried out anyway.

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