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Sword of Damocles
dmswrd.zip (53 KB, 2005-04-29) - Ray Johnson

starting out a bit like e3m1 in a tree-filled yard this map then splits into two main pieces, firstly a fairly convoluted yet compact castle-style map (with some techy bits for no apparent reason), then after a final large courtyard it seems the author decided "no i need something more, i need a hook to name this otherwise fairly generic effort", so he drew a massive sword on the automap, textured it and made the walls lower like the end of e1m8, surrounded it with an arena, carefully shadowcasted it, then put a cyberdemon in a pit for you to deal with.

the first part of the level is quite short on ammo to begin with. i found it best to go for the chainsaw and backpack secret first. although you are largely unrestricted on where you must go, the route is not always obvious. the three keys - i'm not sure the blue is actually necessary but i wanted it for the plasma gun. the yellow is near an inescapable blood pool which i somehow never fell into, behind a red archway that resembles the e2m1 cross but then reveals itself to be a mouth and tries to bite you. the red key is in the curiously tech segment in the centre of the castle. there is a roomful of teleporters which you can ignore, but the way to the red door is technically a secret area, but it's fairly well hinted, a window to show there's a room behind a inset wall, with a barrel in front to show the wall is shootable.

the sword + boss encounter is trivialised because the previous large courtyard full of barons gave you a free BFG if you cared to jump into it. maybe a more cautious player from 1994 might not have felt the courage to drop into a courtyard with several barons and cacodemons or in case there was no way out. still it's clear the cyberdemon fight is meant to be done with rockets but they're not necessary.

good level, worth a play anyway.

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