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>I always have this nostalgic feel when I see bilinear texture filtering
To me it's the other way around. When my 333MHz Pentium didn't yet have a 3d acceleration card, games only had nearest neighbor filtering. After that every 3d game except Minecraft has had at least bilinear and usually trilinear filtering. It's the opposite of nostalgia for me.

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I was furious at myself for being so stupid. I played all the way through Half-Life with the keyboard until my friend asked me about using the mouse. Then he was dumbstruck by the fact that I'd finished the game without one.

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Minecraft's OpenGL uses nearest neighbor filtering. If you look at any screenshots of that game with bilinear or trilinear filtering enabled, it looks hideous.

I've got nearest neighbor filtering enabled in Half-Life. Looks nostalgic.

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