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The kind of autist who wants to make a package manager and an automated compatibility tester for a project that would originally work well enough as a spreadsheet.

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Actually wait a minute, that cloud...

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>Outdated crap

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>imp jump lunges
>finishers that grant i-frames and HP
>zombies dodgerolling
>demon runes giving berserk
>extra weapons
>melee that deals extra damage

Anon. They're very different from one another.

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I never said new bad, (you) baiting little shit. Take my (you) and I hope you get your dick caught in your zipper.

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Attention. AKA exactly what you're giving him right now.

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nobody is a perfect communicator. and people communicate all the time.
Mistakes are guaranteed to happen. Most of them are unintentional. Some intentonal ones may even be disarmed before any flame starts.
These new atmospheres make a major issue out of every single communication imperfection, and push them to the point of antagonism, going as far as to sometimes maliciously interpret them as deliberate.

Instead of doing the practical thing that is live and let live and prevent vitriol from drowning everyone. And none of these internet police types are perfect communicators either, but it doesn't apply to them y'see. Rules for thee, not for me.

All these guys complaining now? They are idiots, yes, but they weren't vitriolic assholes, they were simple community members before some people decided cutting people some slack was now illegal. In the end they created their own antagonists.

Bah, but why do I bother. I have no idea why people like you post here, knowing in full it's the last bastions of the people that trigger you. I guess you really like being antagonized, happens in every fandom where PC issues come up. Go fight your secret war, i'm gonna suffer through freedoom again.

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>Which argument are we having here?
I wasn't aware I was arguing with anyone, anon. They don't use the same items the player is using because of the way enemies dropping items works now and then I said it was contrived, and it is and it's fine. I'll be more wary of what I say for your sake.

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>For a build game like this? I dont know.
>Again certainly something less forced.
>not forced in any way shape or form
I think you're actually weird, so yes you should stop.

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What does Doom 3 texture's have to do with cooming you dumb nigger

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>anti-HL schizo is still at it
What a sad little man.

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>so picture it like this, daikatana is playing defense, they're in the key, and metroid prime is putting their shoulder in, backing them down, eventually metroid prime gets close enough and does a standing dunk over daikatana's head

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>shit thumbnail of the same meme that was posted in last thread
You're not even trying.

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Still forced as the - oomer memes.

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Alright you fucking got me with that one, smartass.

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>replaying Final Doom for the first time in over a decade
>walk two feet after spawning
Every fucking map.

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>Playing with Dark Textures(low res)
>With DarkDoom and Dead Space music pack
>Enemy pack is Bratwurst but with nazi skeletons
>TFW It's more scary than Doom 3

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I've noticed that Lost Souls count as kills in GZDoom toward the monster counter and toward the score screen at the end, while they did not count in the original Doom, PRBoom+ or Crispy. Why is that?

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I keep seeing people praising the delay to make Eternal more polished, but as someone that got to demo it, I genuinely believe this delay can't be for any reason other than Bethesda fuckery.
I'm fuckin worried bros, ngl. Been looking forward to the game so much, and it already felt so polished. I don't know what's happening behind the scenes but it worries me. Especially with that leak about wanting to "marvel-ify" the series being posted like a day prior to this.

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So I'm playing The Master Levels for Doom 2 for the first time and holy fuck, I'm sorry dude but fuck Chris Klie. His maps are such utter garbage. They're not fun, they're not challenging, they're extremely annoying. Subspace? The Combine? HORRIBLE MAPS.

I don't even remember the last time I had this much of a visceral reaction to bad mapping. Am I exaggerating or do you guys get the urge to hurl when playing those too?

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I know this, but It would be neat to have the original more detailed maps with the colored lighting

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