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Doom 2, compared to Doom, has somewhat weaker map design overall.

The new monsters do a lot to create interesting scenarios (and the community has proved that for decades now), and there are some pretty strong maps in Doom 2, but there's also some pretty mediocre, and even outright poor ones.
I would suggest trying to tough it through until you've beaten Map 11, then you've seen most of Doom 2's strong side.

Whether or not you want to continue from there is up to you, I'd suggest you do just to have it done, and for reference and experience (and there are some maps worth playing later on), but in terms of gameplay and exploring, it really doesn't ever reach the same heights for most of the rest of the game.

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Yes, among a lot of other Doom related stuffs.

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>"I just want to let her ride on the caco."

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