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So, in Japan, the original broadcast versions became some sort of a rarity, and the only way to watch the original episodes was if you had them recorded from TV. Meanwhile us westerners had little idea about the reworked "director's cut" versions of eps 21 to 24, and the only glimpse at newly added animation is if you happened to get a hold of a fansubbed VHS of Death and Rebirth.
So in terms of the "purest" way to watch Evangelion on DVD is to get the Second Impact Box sets, which include the original R2 DVDs at 4:3, with the original broadcasted episodes of eps 21 to 24. By the way, pic related, the 3rd Second Impact Box, includes the only DVD-ROM version of Girlfriend of Steel for Windows (original release was 4 CD-ROMs, this one is a single DVD).
In general, when it comes to DVDs, you want to avoid ADV's releases. Their VHSs are great, but their DVDs, not really, R2 all the way.
There's Blu-ray editions now, but those are HD, which is completely fine, but if you want to experience it on a CRT at SD, you gotta go with the R2 DVDs from 1998, or the Second Impact Box ones.

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You'd be not entirely wrong.
For me, it was the Second Impact Box sets.

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>R1 DVDs
Go with R2 always.

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How many retro Eva video games are there?
I just got done playing Girlfriend of Steel and enjoyed it a lot

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Not to mention the "Rebirth" on the D&R DVD is not the actual Rebirth, but just the first 25 minutes of air cropped out of the original Air. The actual Rebirth has different voice acting, some different animation in parts, and different soundtrack.

Back then I couldn't wait until a western published released EOE and I just got the second impact box set from gainax online shop, my first internet purchase ever back in 2001. I was tired of watching my old fansubbed VHS of crap quality and having the actual japanese DVD was a whole new level. Didn't include subs but I knew the dialogues by heart, practically.
it also includes the Girlfriend of Steel vidya for PC on DVD-ROM.

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