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I just wanna say I love you System Shock bros for how chill you guys are. No infighting, no attacking other fanbase, no autistic screeching of any kind, you guys are one of the extremely rare video game fandoms that aren't seven flavors of cancer. You should be proud of yourselves, and I hope to join your ranks now that I've bought the games from GOG.

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I liked parts of it, but i'm looking for a good map pack to play it with.
I fucking loved The Aliens TC reboot using his weapons and NPC's though. That was batshit amazing.

Still looking for more, can never have enough solid horror wads.
Already beat City of the Damned: Apocalypse and that one is also pretty great.

Same with Zombies: Epidemic edition, for the most part.

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It's a great game, but I kinda enjoyed the first System Shock game more. My first time playing SS2 was coop mode with my two brothers, so that probably contributed why it didn't feel as good as the first game. Of course it's a fun game in coop, but the whole "alone and stranded in space" -feeling is completely missing.

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It's alright. Sorry if I sounded rude.

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>massive space station, you really feel like you're stuck in actual place
>advanced survival mechanics
>top tier sci-fi/horror writing
>memorable events and enemies
>rpg elements that affect greatly to gameplay
>10/10 soundtrack

It's one of those PC games you just have to play. It's a must have. Being a PC gamer and not playing SS2 or Deus Ex is like owning a NES without Mario and Contra.

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