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> I don't believe you were part of BloodCM's team
Still have a lot of stuff left from the development sitting on my hdd, if this proves anything.

> 1) EDuke32's developers have NOTHING to do with BloodCM.
They do not, but...

> 2) There is pretty much no engine limitation
> Rocket jump could be implemented.
M210 was was doing all the coding and for some reason he couldn't fix the bug when the player would fall out of the map when thrown by the explosion, blamed it on the engine, never contacted eduke developers (I believe they could give him a hint on how to fix this), and abandoned it completely. Last time I asked him about it, he said that it's an insignificant feature and he doesn't really care about it.
Have no idea why would anyone unironically think that cm is a proper replacement if it doesn't even have one of the main features of the original game.

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