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story of 1990s American gaming ergonomics in a nutshell, a book Xbox-era Microsoft decided to procrastinate reading

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The original Xbox controller was a joke. They took the best aspects of Sega’s design but said we’ll also keep the shitty bits too thank you very much. The shell was like a Dreamcast controller that had gotten fat in the off season. It was large but also bloated. The core button layout was not ideal either. They also failed to learn from Nintendo by putting ports on the controller but kicked it up a notch by added two smaller ‘black and white’ buttons below the standard diamond. The 4 small C buttons from the N64 were not a good idea. Having only two of them did not change that. The D-pad was one of the worst to be featured on a major console. The right analog stick was also a dud.

The Xbox S controller was an improvement. They fixed the diamond button layout and placed the black and white buttons in a more sensible position. The D-pad and right analog stick saw upgrades and the size and shape overall were finally useable. It was still not a great controller. Good, sure, but not DualShock 2 good. The black and white buttons were still undersized. For some reason they also moved the start and back buttons to a non-standard location. You could argue that it was better than the GameCube controller but it was also a replacement that superseded the original a year later in non-Japanese territories. They had to call in the Japanese model because the original was so terrible.

I’m not going to cover the seventh and eighth generations. Too many changes, too many different controllers and such. Plus were can all see where the influences come from pretty easily now.

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