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should I play Quake on Hard or Nightmare for first time? I'm good at FPS games but after doing some research seems like some people say hard is harder and some say nightmare is.

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I always mean to give TNT a fair shake because of how much I liked Plutonia, but I just always end up flaring out from being bored, which makes later playthroughs that much harder because I'm starting from the same boring start. But maybe I should just try skipping past the first few and give it a fairer shake.

I only play stuff vanilla. I have almost entirely lost interest in gameplay mods except for Scoredoom, which is still fundamentally vanilla gameplay outside of the scoring metagame.

It is what it is, like any other arbitrary game mechanic. It may not have been intended when the engine was being made, but every Boom compatible level is designed assuming it, so if you play without it you're not getting the real experience. The start of E4M2 is a straight joke if you're able to run underneath cacos.

Over time I have grown increasingly more purist in perspective, so I went from GZ to Prboom to PRB with proper complevel to Crispy. That said, I'm having trouble loading Plutonia 2's DEH file in Crispy, so I've been playing it in PR.

It does get harder, but it never gets hard. UV-fast can make a big difference if you're really not feeling it, but before you try that, I strongly recommend you try pistol starting. All of the levels were designed and tested around pistol starting, and Sandy Peterson admits that Doom 1 is too easy because they forgot to consider that players will carry their weapons and items over. The levels take on an extremely different feeling when you start out outgunned and forced to earn a foothold before you can start pushing back.

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How do you play Quake? Hard or Nightmare?

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Fuck you, it's real Quake hours now

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continuing on

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I'll check those out, thanks anon!

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