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Has Romero explained why he only releases WADs for Doom 1 and not Doom 2?

I really don't see how SIGIL would be worses off with more enemy and encounter variety. It has very few tricks up its sleeve, being stuck with Doom 1 really limits it and makes certain encounters tiresome. There's nothing skillful about chipping away at Cacos or Barons with a regular shotgun, it's just time consuming. If I have the ammo, then I should be able to just SSG them.

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>Ventus gets a Magic Blender panel because
>Josef can't event get some high level familiar
>Running out of high level quests

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Not Hideo, you fucking retard, Ayami Kojima.

You know, the artist for all the games from SotN onward who has a very fucking distinct art style?

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