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SNES games that sold over a million copies:

>Super Mario World
Super Mario All-Stars
>Donkey Kong Country
>Super Mario Kart
>Street Fighter 2
>The World Warrior Link to the Past
>Killer Instinct
>Donkey Kong Country 2
>Donkey Kong Country 3
>Street Fighter 2 Turbo
>Disney's the Lion King
>NBA Jam and Tournament Edition
>Mortal Kombat 3
>Super Scope 6
>Final Fantasy 6
>Final Fight
>Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse
>Super Mario RPG
>Super Metroid
>Mega Man X
>Super Street Fighter 2
>Super Ghouls n Ghosts
>Final Fight 2
>Chrono Trigger
>Kirby Super Star
>Secret of Mana
>Final Fantasy 4

This is only counting SNES games (you say the old days which implies consoles like the NES and Genesis as well) and only counting games that had English releases (if I count Japan-only games like Dragon Quest 5 and 6 the list becomes much bigger)

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