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So I made this sky on a whim. Tried it, it works.
I call it "Gothic Wildlands", basically something that'd feel kind of fitting in a gothic outdoors castle map or something where you haven't actually progressed to hell yet, but there's some little castle structures or hell outposts seen in the distance.

>cloud from Doom Beta sky, edited
>backdrop is some gradient I stretched, filtered, colored, etc
>mountain is from fuck if I know, edited
>forestline is from maybe Heretic or Hexen or something, that bright green line of pines you'd see sometimes, shrunken down like fuck to line the border between the mountains and the ground
>ground is from the same Doom Beta sky texture as the clouds, compressed and edited
>various buildings and structures are from the Episode 3 intermission screen, minor edits

I've only tested it in GZDoom, it's not paletted in the slightest, it's a .png, if you want to make a paletted .bmp for whatever you're doing, be my guest. You'd probably have to hack it up in sections if you want to have all the directions for a Vanilla port. In GZDoom it functions fine as the undivided graphic you see here, you can load it up straight like this.
Anyone who likes to use it, feel free to do whatever with it, credit ChopBlock223

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