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I think if you gave the Spidey something like a 20mm Gatling cannon in Hideous Destructor (let alone some sort of 40mm or even 50mm monstrosity), the motherfucker would just plain demolish half fucking the level, which is cool in concept, until you realize that he's going to cause so many goddamn softlocks from ruining switches and necessary platforms.

He can already blast through so much cover with his 7.76mm gun

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IRL a Chaingun would a single barreled 25mm autocannon with a motorized action, which would be cool as balls to use in an FPS.

Yeah, the XM214 Microgun. They wanted to offer it to the airforce, but it was quickly realized that 5.56mm NATO isn't really that good for air to air combat, and not that much better for air to ground, existing 7.62mm NATO machineguns (including the M134 Minigun) already had stellar performance for air to ground, and the 20mm M61 Vulcan was what they wanted for air to air.

One of the other ideas with the Microgun was that it would be an easily portable package for static emplacements by infantry, as the gun was smaller, but battery technology just wasn't that good back then, so the battery was big, bulky, and didn't power for that long, among with all the other bulk and bother.

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I mean, some guns can be complex, like Gatling cannons and stuff.

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The downside with the Bulkanette is that it's quite heavy, and that it needs a battery to operate.
It's overall a much nicer weapon than the ZM66 in terms of performance, but you also gotta carry the thing, which is worth considering if you also want to carry a launcher, a Brontornis, and a Thunderbuster (which you'll likely learn to love a lot), as well as enough ammunition for these.

It's a darling to be sure, especially with the reliability and common ammo, but there's other weapons which do things it cant, and availability of ammo can very much depend on the current map.

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The Vulcanette, or "Bulkanette" is kind of a darling with players of Hideous Destructor. It's heavy and bulky, and needs a battery, but oh man, the utility, effectiveness, and reliability, it's so great.
The slow speed is good and controllable for general combat, and the high speed buzzing can be used for destroying a bigger and meaner monster.

The ZM66 rifle doesn't like magazines with a broken seal (so, reloaded ones), malfunctions are not unusual, but the Vulcanette doesn't care, if a cartridge is a dud it'll just cycle through it, and you can just as well use sealed magazines as you can reloaded ones, mix and match as you feel, unlike the ZM66, this baby is not at all a picky eater.

I love Gatling machineguns.

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Give it solid projectiles rather than hitscans, basically really fast moving and bright tracers, they do 10 damage and he fires one every other tic, or every fourth tic. Give it a loud booming noise too, so it sounds imposing.

Suddenly he's deadly as all shit and you REALLY want to stay the fuck out of his sight, but you have the chance to dodge his fire at further distances.

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Yeah, it's faggotry, they should give you the gun it's a miniature of instead.

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