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Here's an idea that may never work: round/wave survival based maps that are compatible with gameplay mods.
Imagine Reelism but with weapons from the likes of HND or Final Doomer enemies from Colorfull Hell or Complex Doom.
Or wanting to play randomizers and such in the same map for a while.
These maps would be like that and when a round ends (by time, enemies killed or any other factor) the gameplay mods progress as if a level is beaten, which means even something in Metadoom shows up later enemy/weapon/item spawns even on its normal randomization process.

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doom thread / retro fps thread

shooting things is cool

talk about your favorite shootbangers

post your favorite mods

shitpost about how the op isn't the same as before

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Awesome levelsets with custom textures, go.

Hard mode: No BTSX.

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>considering i like strife a lot but would prefer improved combat

There's quite a few on the ZDoom forums.

None of them are kekekeke brutal but still do interesting things with the vanilla combat.

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>Adding weight to the aim is not possible on Zdoom. (as far as I know)

And this is why all attempts at getting vehicles working have been horribly clunky and the concept is inherently doomed to fail.
Vehicles simply don't behave and move the way people do, and unless someone is willing to code an entirely new aiming system, the only options are either to remove aiming entirely (which results in incredibly stiff and unfun vehicles like the motorcycle) or to make a brand new ACS-based aiming system (which is a fuckton of work for something that might not even work and is guaranteed to not handle netplay well).

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Best wads for brutal doom? So far I've heard someone mention TNT and Doom 1 in general.

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