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Can we get an OP who has a hold of proper grammar and spelling?

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The hamburger is an American invention. It's just named that because of the preparation of the meat. Kinda like how french fries are only named that way because of the way they're cut.

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The "punk" is meant to more or less emphasize a sci-fi element, distinguishing it from historical fiction. Basically, good "punk" stuff should more or less be "what if the world only technologically progressed this far" or present like it was science fiction from the actual time period it's based on. Mainstream interpretation is only concerned with shallow aesthetics.

Dieselpunk is really in its infancy, so it's pretty split between sci-fi analog electronics and sci-fi internal combustion tech. The big problem is that the modern world hasn't even left those technologies behind, so the base concept is kinda stupid for the time being.

Also, cyberpunk is basically sci-fi focused on cybernetics and what the world would look like if it were commonplace. This one is easier for plebs to get right.

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