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>90% of ds cases I get are empty, so we just have to chuck them out.
Literally worse than Hitler. People pay good money for empty DS cases.

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>Dreamcast and Xbox have it opposite of the Nintendo controllers

This irritates me so much. Especially when the button flashes on the screen in Xbox games, I was raised on a SNES and I always press the wrong button.

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>that brushwork

plz stop artisting

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I always thought they were warming up before dashing up to the spot you told them to when I was a kid.

You know, so they wouldn't get a cramp and miss.
>mfw they missed anyway

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>Joystick is on the opposite side

My autism can't handle dat shit.

Anyway, I remember these things being everywhere almost a decade ago. I'm surprised they still make them. I remember the Namco ones being pretty decent. Even one of them has the cherry-top act as a dial so Pole Position is actually playable.

>mfw They still charge $20 for them

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>Troll subs

Please tell me this is a one time thing.

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