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>Which is why the originated on typewriters, right?
>He doesn't play the Olivetti M40 Doom port

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>Comparing a hybrid menu based turn+real time RPG to a standard action RPG
>IMplying the camera in VS was bad
>Implying superior controls and cameras makes a game with terrible gameplay worth considering over an older game with lesser controls or camera but with much better gameplay
>People don't want to play a game that consists of hitting "Attack" menu over and over again
>They're literally the games that sell the most, especially in mobage.
>Actually caring about getting more people into retro gaming when that means ruining one of the few safe niches videogame still have

From what kind of bizzarro shitposting dimension do you even come from?
Do you even play videogames or just watch let's play on youtube?

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>This amount of buttdevastation
>but I personally find it is something pretty autistic to practice.

>repeating the same exact fucking stage ad libitum
>you're not even playing against a human opponent
>Not autistic as fuck

Shit, I was wondering why my lunch tasted weird today even though I didn't use any salt, now I know why.

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>I have played every Ace Combat game at the highest difficulty
>I have beaten Dark Souls 1 and 2
>and I have even beaten every Shin Megami Tensei ever made

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>In the hall of the mountain king starts playing

This is amazing

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>metroid 2 and links awakening
>babby-tier handholding gameplay and easy

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