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The Cyberdemon model, he was the same size as the others, but obviously left at a larger scale to be a big monster.

Also, if you look closely at some of the Baron Of Hell's final sprites, you can see that his hooves warp/change a bit on a few of them, this was damage they repaired.

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They moved onto the latex models even before Doom 2. Spidermind was made by Punchatz, as was Archie, Skelly and Fatty.
Spidey was the final boss in the original, and Archie was already considered, but not finished, then recycled for Doom 2 (as with most of the other new monsters, Skelly starting out a lot more meaty at first, until painted over).

As for HD, part is that the clay models are just ungainly and bothersome to work with, so they probably didn't want to do that again, I mean that was the reason they hired outside help to make the latex models in the first place. The clay was slow and difficult.
Also, after all these years, some of them have deteriorated (and wasn't even in the greatest shape after they were done with them in 1995), so that's another issue.

Then look at the Baron's face there, and then look at Cybie here, they're pretty crude looking, he was entirely meant to be scaled down to a lower resolution, detail then being worked out there. High resolution closeups of them would either look awful, or would require being worked over in post a lot anyway.
I honestly think the resolution Doom went for with sprites and textures is just fine.

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Can someone give me a download link for this?

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