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>Blue Mage
basically what I said here, >>5672284 , blues are gimmicky but very mighty once you manipulate someone's level and then kill him with LV5 Death, even Exdeath is vulnerable to it
in world 1 he's sort of alright as an early nuke, and his Death Sickle can be really nice for example against the guardian crystals (which are also vulnerable to Blue's deathclaw, by the way), but most of the run you're better off knocking him out
he can paralyze beasts (the top part of Neo Exdeath is a beast!), his Zu/Golden Dragon summon deals 1/4 damage to all and he can procure Blue spells. Other than that meh
literally pay to win, his zeninage is broken when you have the cash, use it as a joker

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God bless you Satoriposter

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