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Why are you continuing to make worthless shitposts that contribute nothing? Obviously we simply do not understand one another.

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What you guys are describing are usually sold under the importer brand Power Player as "Super Joy" although the latter became more the brand as time went on. They're by far the most common Famiclone in the US and the guy deemed most responsible for the flood actually did jail time for it iirc. I used to pick them up when I saw them for $3 for theoretical projects I might want to build a NOAC into. I stopped at 5 I think. The worst thing about them is the integrated controller that there's no way I know of to wire an NES controller in place of so you have to build a whole new controller or contact solder an existing controller to use P1.

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Sorry for posting famiclones in a famiclone thread. Clearly I am rotting away at the very core of the board

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>tfw /vr/ has learned well from your techings

The only thing I'd add is that clone consoles can be a fun novelty if you get them for ~$1-$19. Good for small installations or fun little projects

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This is one of those projects that guy makes out of those super shitty all-in-the-controller Famiclones you can find for <$5. They're cute little projects but to say they "play games flawlessly" is false.

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