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Hey /vr/, I don't browse here often but I recently discovered the amazing Demonsteele mod and I've spent the last couple days playing it non-stop, slowly getting better at it while going through almost any level pack I can find, it's simply tons of fun and I can tell that a ton of work went into it

One of my few problems was how Shihong's specials are much harder to pull off for me compared to Hae-Lin's (playing on Zandronum 2.1.2), I really need to mash the key way too fast for it to register... Apparently it's been happening to other people on the ZDoom forums, and since I couldn't find a fix I've looked at the code a bit and this is what I've found (pic related of acs/sino_auto.h):
The number of "DoubleTapReadyX" items created for each direction for Shihong isn't enough, I've had good results changing that 6 to a 12 for those 4 lines (I assume you'd need to change the amount of DoubleTapCooldowns too to match proportionally).

Now I know absolutely nothing about how Doom modding works, but my theory as to why Hae-Lin is fine with only 6 of those in her own script is that she's much more fleshed out so her loops would take longer to execute, making that "6" a noticeably longer window to double tap for her. Or maybe it depends on the computer it runs on?
Either way, I know this isn't worked on anymore but maybe this will help someone get even more fun out of this. And if you've worked on it yourself, I'd like to say thank you for some of the best fun I've had in quite a while!

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