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honestly, I think he deserves more design. I always thought of him as the know-it-all brother.

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How good is your PC /vr/?

Mine is a piece of shit. In fact it's not even a PC... it's a laptop. Specs:

2.4Ghz Core2Duo
512MB HD Mobility Radeon 4570
4 Gig RAM

I got this around 2009. It can run PC games up to about 2006 with decent settings at framerates above 60fps. I can do all my retro emulation on this and of course it runs the old classics (Quake, Doom, Blood, Duke, SW etc) and their sourceports with ease. It also runs Quake Live and CS1.6 perfectly, though I don't get the benefit of 120fps unfortunately owing to the 60hz refresh rate. I have a PS3 but I hardly touch it and still do most of my gaming on this laptop.

I think about buying a new PC but there's really nothing that's interesting to me anymore. I think I'm legitimately growing out of gaming. I've played so much shit that the appeal has just worn out now. Everything feels the same, there is no more novelty and I don't find any single player games challenging anymore. That was the difference between gaming as a child and as an adult; as a kid I didn't know whether or not I'd be able to beat a game and when I did beat them it was an accomplishment. As an adult I know I'll be able to beat it, and even if it's a bit tricky at first (which it never is anymore anyway) I know that if I put the effort in I'll beat the game. It just feels pointless now, basically. Even games that I couldn't beat as a child that I returned to as an adult were piss-easy.

There is literally only one upcoming game that has my eye and that's Bloodborne, but I can't justify buying a PS4 just for that (but I probably will anyway because of normalfag friends for Fifa etc).

Anyway, this is why I don't buy a new PC; because I seriously doubt there will be anything on it I'd want to play and I'm happy enough with my toaster laptop. Just wondering if there are other people on /vr/ that are also like me and what kind of specs your PCs have.

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/vr/-tan is a pretty rad character, but I don't think he's an accurate representation of the board aside from being more optimistic about video games than /v/.

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I don't know why he wears 3D glasses to be honest.

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Silly newfags, we've already established one a while ago.

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>what are /vg/'s and /vp/'s OC mascots?
A dude in a general suit and a furry in a pikachu suit.

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>Usually buy all of my stuff online or at pawn shops
>Find out recently that a used game store just opened up not fifteen miles from where I live
>Gamer's Choice in Greenville, KY
>Enter the store. Seems like a lot of room in the middle with the merchandise either on the walls or in glass cases by the register.
>Walls and floors are white. Very clean, but sparse and empty-feeling despite the number of games.
>Only a few accessories on the walls. A framed NES controller, a poster with a picture of an Atari 2600 joystick and the words 'We Love Gaming in the 80s'
>They have fridge magnets on sale in a glass bowl. Shaped like 1-up mushrooms and things like that. 3 dollars each.
>Everything seems well-maintained. Has games for current-gen stuff in addition to retro things. NES games, Genesis games, SNES games, PS1, PS2, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, XBox, as well as consoles and handhelds of all kinds
>In particular, notice a neat things on sale. Limited edition Star Wars XBox 360 with golden controller for 280 bucks. Neogeo Pocket Color for about fifty bucks. Good-looking NES for thirty dollars, Playstation for 21 bucks, Dreamcast for 30 dollars or so, limited edition Triforce DS for about 80.
>Only employee in the store was a guy who looked to be in his early thirties. Long beard, tattoos on his arms. He was checking out a PSP the store just bought behind the corner while I was there, making sure it worked correctly.
>Prices all seemed to be reasonable and based on quality. SMB3 NES cartridge for 11 dollars. GBA SPs ranging from 46 to 49 dollars with AC adapters included (one of which was scratched pretty bad on the outside but the screen looked great and it worked). Told that the store strictly follows the national pricing guide for all used games.
>Left with a copy of Kid Niki: Radical Ninja and Star Fox Adventures. Cost me about 13 dollars overall.

Overall, it was nice. I may go back there sometime, especially for that Neo Geo Pocket Color when I got the cash.

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You're kidding, right? Pinball cabs are emulated well, and in full swing. Look up PinMAME and Visual Pinball.

I have no feels for them, though. Bored me as a child, and it's worse in y adulthood. But carry on, /vr/tualbro.

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>Get a mushroom
>Almost immediately run into an enemy and lose it

>Game with sprite flicker
>Occasionally things just disappear and you can't see what you're doing

>Handheld game system
>No backlight
>Trying to play in the dark or out in the sun

>Can't see the best ending unless you beat Super Hard Mode
>Can't unlock Super Hard Mode until you beat Hard Mode
>Can't unlock Hard Mode until you beat Normal Mode

>Old game cartridge
>Battery is dead

>No save feature
>Password is like a page and a half long

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