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There is this for playstation.

Playstation Hidden Gems:

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My list:

Castlevania Apocalypse (Castlevania 64)
Dawn of Sorrow
Aria of Sorrow
Symphony of the Night
Simon's Quest
Dracula X
Castlevania (NES)

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Daily reminder that the «PS1» name came out after 1999 and therefore it's not retro. Please stick to contemporary term like Play Station, PS, PSX or Sony's Gaming Walkman (SGW).

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So why is it that no one can burn copies of games on to something like PS1 CDs and play them without a mod chip or disk swapping or whatever the fuck people do? With how large the custom cartridge market is getting, I would have thought someone would have figured out how to make CDs of rare games that the Playstation or whatever your system of choice with an optical drive would just play without having to mess with the guts. Whats the mechanical process involved? How does a console know if a disc is burned or legitimate?

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