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METAL SLUG 3, play the first two metal slugs first along with X.
Wave Race 64. Best wave physics EVER.
Space channel 5 part 2. One of the funkiest rhythm games ever. Play the first part too obviously
House of the dead 2. Personal favorite lightgun game.
Twinkle star sprites! The most hardcore versus puzzle shmup ever. Quite a bit of fun.
Megaman Legends. In my experience it's the best 3d character exploration game. Fun.
F-ZERO X. HARDCORE RACING HELL YES. Takes practice to reach first place on the first race but it's all so satisfying.

Splatoon, and Elite Beat agents are not retro.

Also recommended: Lords of Thunder. Awesome shmup with an amazing soundtrack. Play the pc-98 version, that version's soundtrack is so much more ROCKIN'.

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Everything besides Metal Slug 3 here. (ignore the two not-retros)

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