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>You wanna know why posts are more well thought out than something like on /v/? It's because the board doesn't move so fast that everyone is in a rush to just post as fast as possible and get reactions before the thread 404s within an hour.

No, it's because /v/ is "mainstream". The majority of threads there are memes/shitposts, and gaming news/journalism as well as e-celeb threads just like this one.

Allowing GBA and (some) PS2/Xbox discussion won't make the board any deader than it already is, nor will it launch the board to /v/ level of speed. The Dreamcast didn't; why would they be any different?

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>console wars thread

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>console wars thread

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>Starting a run of FFIX the other day
>Get to this part
>Realize back in the day I'd never actually gotten 100, thought it was impossible
>Look it up and discover my mistake
>Controller's right part of d-pad is fucked which throws off my rhythm
>Keep getting 99
>A couple tries in, make the mistake of going to smoke a bowl
>Come back to 97s consistently instead of 99s
>Put down the controller for about 30 seconds to collect myself
>Ace the fight immediately

What it came down to for me was doing it enough to realize the start was always > , X or Triangle. From then on I could just power through it with the right rhythm.

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