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As much of a disappointment as the sequel was, I always loved the little details like that. I actually think the game has fantastic atmosphere (even if the original was still infinitely superior in that regard) and a cool setting and environment in general.

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Let's get this party starting

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It's even more enjoyable to play.

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There is, but it only saves you so much. Because tanking damage is generally a bad idea, using cover is generally a good idea (but only works for a brief time, because they'll come looking for you or throw bombs).

There's also a glitch in the original .exe, where if you load a save, then suddenly the damage scaling will be inverted for your difficulty, so say you make a save in a level on easy mode, then load that save, you will find that the damage scaling will be set to hard, and shit hurts extra much.
There was no way to fix this in the original .exe without just progressing to the next level, where it would reset to normal again, leading many to the practice of saving before exiting a level, and just reload from there if needed.

With the BloodGDX sourceport, this is fixed, and what you can do is that you can customize your difficulty level to your liking, adjusting amount of monsters as well as damage scaling.

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Blood is pure fuckin kino.

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I want to try out TekWar out of morbid curiosity, but where the hell do I get it?

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