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Are there any Quake mods that give extra animations to the weapons?

>inb4 interpolation
No, I mean something more like giving the shotguns pumping/reload animations and stuff like that.

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Did any of you people actually discover the Quake 1 Nightmare difficulty on your own without reading up on it and how to find it somewhere? I have deliberately avoided finding out about any secrets in any id game. All I know is that there is a secret 4th difficulty level for Quake. Mind you, I'm not asking you where it is. The last time I spent about half an hour looking for it with no success. My question is that did you find it yourself by accident, read up on it and find it after searching, or simply read up on its actual location?

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Are there any working links for the Soul of Evil music?

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I just got done watching The Seal of Nehahra, a four hour long movie made in the Quake engine.


The whole thing is just a prelude for a gameplay mod. I wanted to ask, what are your favourite creative works made using retro games? For example, in-engine machinima, or comics using the game sprites, etc.

I really liked the movie. After a slow start it held my attention throughout and the characters were all perfectly written and voice acted (barring the technical quality, which I only find charming).

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Final Quaker. Starring ADger, DoPanger, SoAnger, DoEnger and probably others.

A man can dream. And brainstorm, I guess.

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A single grenade will kill all those grunts easily
Also, when I got ambushed by eels under silver key tunnel I just spammed the laser cannon and got out fine
Don't want to sound like a douche but you need to git gud

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Could there be a way to contrive a connection between the Strogg and Quake? For example, if Makron and his cybernetic corpse army were Shub-Niggurath's puppets afterall?

-Ranger killed Shub-Niggurath's mortal form in Quake 1
-Shub-Niggurath's backup plan is Makron
-Makron wages galactic-scale war of conquest as a mere diversion
-Strogg secretly harvested the living force of the humans whose bodies they augmented to gather power for the return of their mistress

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