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Fat chance, bozo. The feds have already fined Halperin multiple times over the past 40 years for all the speculative bubbles he's started, and yet he's still running his scheme. He's the John Gotti of collectors, he's in his 60s, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If we're lucky, MAYBE Kahn will take the fall, but in the meantime you'll just have to cope.

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/v/ and /vg/:
>redblade (best unist player in america), cloud805 (marvel god), broski (2nd best sfv player in the UK), u4ick (netplay hyde god), luvcheez (extremely good at mvc3), lolimaiko (vatista player), ghodere (tekken tournament player), and multiple tekken players

>35 year old fat collectors that only play against the CPU on the saturn version and actually think they're skilled even though they can't even do a basic combo but think they're REAL FIGHTING GAMES FANS for posting sprites and pictures of their CRTs even though they would get raped by anyone in the FGC

Hmm I wonder who is better at fighting games and who I should listen to? Maybe you should stop shitting on /v/ since they actually produced fighting game champions? Wanking to sprites and talking about SNK lore doesn't make you a real fighting game fan, it makes you a casual and a secondary.

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If you feel the need to gossip about ecelebs, just do it here.

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No one cares m8

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do you anons collect old games for enjoyment or internet cred?

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What do we do about the collector problem?

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Cuz muh sunk cost fallacy

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Yes, god forbid people take an actual interest in games instead of a superficial double-digit iq interest in collecting plastic garbage and bragging about it. Fucking retard.

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t. pic related

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I'm just gonna leave this here

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ITT: Shit you've heard (((game collectors))) say

>I'm a GOOD reseller

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You literally just described the entire retro gaming "collectible" market.

To be fair...

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Hipsters who are ecelebs and also resellers. The people who are just one are bad too.

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I agree with some other anons have already said. I'll buy games that I like or want to play ,but I don't go out of my way to buy up as many games as I can for the sake of having a collection.

The "full nes/snes set" seems to be the biggest meme out there, guys are only doing it just so they can brag about owning a bunch of old games that they will likely never play, or even have any true passion or enjoyment for. Look at youtubers who are buying like 50 games a week in their pick up videos, you really think they ever have any time to play those games, plus working on their channel, working another job or 2 outside yt, and on top of all that trying to keep up with modern gaming too? I highly doubt it.

As for investing it's a bit hard to say. I think prices will plateau if more people lose interest or get out of it. In my area(GTA) at least it seems like there is more people looking to buy these games to sell, and less people looking to actually play the games or just own them. It's hard to say. I have almost everything I want at this point so I'm not actively looking for anything but I'm happy with what I have now.

Just keep/buy the games you want to play, don't fall for the stupid "gotta have em all" collecting meme.

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Do you collect video games?

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